Il Giardino di Allah

Storia della necropoli musulmana del Cairo



The garden of Allah tells the history of Cairo's city of the dead according with an anthropological point of view. The author, the Italian anthropologist, lived for 10 years in the cemetery for her fieldwork. In her book she gives an internal perspective of the place and upon its resident community.
Scarica indice e introduzione (PDF)

Scarica mappa della necropoli


Invito al viaggio

La "Città dei Morti" del Cairo. Una città per niente dolente.

Egitto inedito

Taccuini di viaggio nella necropoli musulmana del Cairo


Anna Tozzi Di Marco's second book on Cairo's City of the dead consists in her diaries written during her stay in the graveyard. Moreover she analyses the several cultural aspects of the City of the dead. At the end she invites the reader to the art of flânerie: walking in the graveyard without a destination and trying to encounter the locals. She also proposes three itineraries: a religious one, a musical one, a sociological one.


Antropologia del viaggiatore: "Egitto: non solo turismo"

Dentro la città dei morti


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